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May 2019 Caradoc Sands Event Results

The day started out nice enough but about 2 hours into the event, heavy clouds gathered, and suddendly 23 players were in the middle of what felt like an oceanic typhoon or an F3 tornado.  A pelting hail storm hit first…then winds up to 40 mph.   And in 15 minutes it was over.  Most players couldn’t even get their rain gear on.  Too late….soaked.

But it didn’t seem to bother Brett McBride much.  He won the event with a 3 under performance….39 Stableford points.  Conditions were breezy and warm at the start and after the typhoon, wind gusts around 25-30 mph. Grant Gulych was runner-up at 4 over….32 points.  Charlie Henry finished 3rd in the low gross category with 8 over par…28 points.  (Both Tim Hallwood and Brent Davies had better scores but received a higher payout in the net category.)

Gross Winners

1st Place: Brett McBride  39 Points

2nd Place: Grant Gulych  32 Points

3rd Place Tie: Charlie Henry  28 points

Net Winners

1st Place: Paul Kelly 41 Net Points

2nd Place: Tim Hallwood—40.5 points

3rd Place Tie: Tung Wong & Brent Davies—35 points


Hole #4  Grant Gulych

Hole # 10  Brett McBride

Hole # 11  Paul Kelly

Hole # 16  Paul Kelly

Hole # 18  Charlie Henry

June 2019 Pheasant Run Event Results

Kelly Cup Site—Pheasant Run has 24 players. Eight Canadians made the trip across the the border and one of them won the day.  Super Senior Dennis Babcock fired a smooth 3 over par (33 points) and won the tournament by one shot over 4 runner-ups. Maybe it was the free lesson he gave to a struggling youngster on the driving range that triggered a positive swing thought.  Or maybe he was just a better player that day.


Four players posted 4 over par 32’s—-Tom Murphy, Jack Deming, Chid Henry, and Brett McBride.


Net Winners

1st  Place: Charlie Henry  40.5 points

2nd Place: Jack Deming   39.2 points;

3rd Place : Tom Murphy   39 points

4th Place: Jim Helmke      37 points


Gross Winners:

1st  Place Dennis Babcock   33 points

2nd Place: Brett McBride      32 points

3rd Place: Jeremie Lopez     31 points

 4th Place: Joel Michaels      30 points


Kelly Cup Points:  The top 5 gross finishers (Babcock, McBride, Henry, Murphy, and Deming) received 3 Kelly Cup qualifying  points;  The next 5 gross finishers (6-10) received 2 Kelly Cup points (Lopez, Michaels, Davies, Fletcher, Hallwood).  Everyone else earned 1 Kelly Cup point.

Skins: $48 ea.    #2 Babcock—Eagle; #6 & 8 McBride–Birdie, Birdie; #11 Deming–Birdie; #15 Bryan Murphy–Birdie.

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